ROGER REYNOLDS – Composer and University Professor, University of California, San Diego, and Artist in Residence, University of California, Washington Center

Roger Reynolds’s compositions incorporate elements of theater, digital signal processing, dance, video, and real-time computer processing, in signature multidimensionality. The central thread running through his career links language with musical space, and first emerged in the notorious music theater work, The Emperor of Ice Cream (1961-62). In addition to his composing, Reynolds's writing, lecturing, organization of musical events and teaching have prompted numerous residencies at international festivals: Darmstadt, Music Today (Tokyo), the Helsinki Biennale, the New York Philharmonic’s Horizons ’84, the Agora (Paris), Proms, and Edinburgh festivals among them. In 1971, Reynolds founded the Center for Music Experiment at UCSD where he has taught for four decades. In 2011, he inaugurated an Arts activism program at UC’s Washington Center. Whispers Out of Time for string orchestra earned him the Pulitzer Prize in 1989. Reynolds’s writing – beginning with the influential book Mind Models (1975), and continuing, most recently, with Form and Method: Composing Music (2002) – has appeared widely in international journals. The Los Angeles Times’s Mark Swed has labeled him an “all-around sonic visionary”.  Reynolds’s music is published exclusively by C.F. Peters, and the Library of Congress established a Special Collection of his work in 1998.